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We only use the top quality materials available for our entire manufacturing process.

Elite Spa Vinyl


Our vinyl is manufactured to the highest standers exclusively for our company.

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The reason EPS is such a good insulating material is the millions of air pockets which are formed when the blocks are molded. These pockets impede the flow of heat, making EPS an excellent insulator.

R-Rating of 18.20 and Melting point of 464°F


13oz Spa Liner


We use 13oz double laminated polyester for our bottom fabric for superior durability. Most companies use 8oz. Drain holes are precisely added.

Waterproof and UV Resistant Thread and Zipper


Not only will this help with containing precipitation but this thread is stronger and more durable than polyester thread.

20 Gauge Hinge Support Stainless Steel


We found 20 gauge channel the best to use, its light weight, strong and will last for longer than the cover.

Cover Materials